Artist Statement

The landscape has always had a way of stirring my imagination and my vitality. I feel best and most alive when I am outdoors, engaging with the natural world. My relationship with nature both inspires my artwork and helps me to understand its goals. In both activities I rely on physical, sensory experience over more intellectual means to understand the world. I would rather get lost in the wonder of my existence than try to analyze or dissect it.

I view my artwork as more of a union with the world than an attempt to communicate meaning. It is not "about" any particular content. Instead, I am interested in the potential of an art object to arouse my senses and connect me to my natural self.

My engagement with nature feeds my work, as I observe its colors, spatial relationships, and magical way of inhabiting space. I am captivated by its sprawls, clumps, tangles, masses, growths, overlaps, and interpenetrations. Borrowing from this vocabulary, I wage my own exploration of space, color, density, volume, and the relationships between forms. I attempt to imbue my work with an energy rooted in the possibility of growth, change, and re-configuration rather than tidy perfection. Instead of the refined, I embrace the awkward, strange, and irregular. In this way, my work sometimes appears less than proper, as if it may have taken form on its own or forgotten to make itself presentable.


Karin Davis received her MFA from the University of Colorado-Boulder and her BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  She currently lives and works in Milwaukee, WI.



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